Thursday, 10 April 2008

R -v- Karen Matthews ex parte McCann

In the news since last summer, the news has been dogged by the disappearance of the McCanns' daughter. It is without doubt any parents nightmare, and one would not wish to make fun of that - if one of my kittens went missing - I would have searched everywhere for them and not give up also. However, it is true that the McCann's left their daughter alone in their hotel room, and they did do something many people are dubious about. I personally wouldn't have done that!

The McCanns are middle class, educated GPs, and have much respect among the community. They did not get charged or investigated thoroughly upon their return to the UK for neglect. Now contrast this with the Shannon Matthew's case. Her family is what many people would consider 'Trailer-Park' material. A woman, who obviously does not care to look after herself is stuck with seven...YES SEVEN children by...SIX different fathers!! Based in Dewsbury, this child-making factory is a machine which needs to be lubricated every 100 miles (miaow!), but seriously, she has just been charged on two counts:

1) Attempting to Pervert The Course of Justice
2) Neglect of a minor by means of leaving her unattended.

The thing is this bizarre story doesn't end here, the current owner of this machine is a 21 year old, who was last week arrested and charged with Possessing child pornography, and is...the nephew of the guy who did abduct Shannon!! What? Am I the only one that thinks this is some small town sordid crap?! Do they not have anything else to do in Dewsbury?? LEEDS IS NEXT DOOR!!! And it is a cool city (Leeds)!! Contrast this to the McCanns. They are also from a small town in Leicestershire, and they also left their daughter unattended, yet they did not get arrested and detained for neglect. Is this because they are completely different classes?

One today had a meeting in Brussels with members of the European Parliament, and the other had luke warm porridge with flies, and with the scenery of lovely Prison White with an ensuite...Guess which one!!

Does this seem unfair? Surely both families should be viewed in the same light? But perhaps it's t

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." -George Orwell

Well the cat concludes that both families are just as bad as each other, and they both should be eye-balled for neglect!!!

Now I go to lick my balls and eat some tuna!

Nietszhe's Cat

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So...this is where it begins...this is a blog where I (The Lost Cat of Nietzsche) will put all my thoughts and views on the news today. Some may think controversial, and other just boring, but I hope to make light the news of the world, in my own feline philosophical way!

So...let's begin!

And a word of my old Pupil, Nietzsche, I leave you a quote from him!

"All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses."